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The Haute-Savoie is part of the region Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. It is bordered by Switzerland and Italy. The average height of the department is 1 160 m, and its surface of 4 388 km2. His relief is determined by big geographical elements: ■ The massif of Mont Blanc the peak of which is the famous Mont-Blanc Which peaks in 4 810 meters, ■ The Aravis which constitute the central mountainous area of the department, ■ The Savoyard front-country with him Genevois Haut-Savoyard and theAlbanais. The valleys which articulate between these massifs are important axes of zones of life, let us quote among others : ■ The valley of Arve, European axis of traffic of Genève to tunnel du Mont-Blanc, ■ The gorge ofAnnecy in which is housed the lac d’Annecy and which is joined by Ugine and Albertville, The Haute-Savoie is fertile ofnature reserves (neuf) : Aiguilles rouges, Carlaveyron, Small Valley of Bérard, the Contamines-Montjoie, Passy, Sixt-Passy, Roc of Chère, Bout of lac, Delta of the Dranse.