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This department has multiple facets and a diversity of relief, sometimes plain, sometimes hill, it was finished by high plateaus with a very animated relief. The Drôme belongs to the region Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, of a surface of 6 530 km2, she counts approximately 488 000 inhabitants.
The five geographical zones of the department :
■ In the North : the hills, the plains of her Valloire and of her Galaure, ■ In the South : the Provence with the Baronnies, the Tricastin and the Nyonsais,
■ In the center : the valley of her Drôme, ■ In the East: the mountains of Diois and the Royans - Vercors, ■ On the West: the Rhone corridor.
His climate is varied :
■ Semi continental in Mediterranean influence in the North of Valence. ■ Of mountain type in Diois and Vercors.
■ In the South of Valencia, the climate is Mediterranean.