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The rose is the flower of the rosebush, a shrub of the genus Rosa and of the family Rosaceae. The garden rose is characterized above all by the multiplication of its overlapping petals, which gives it its characteristic shape. Appreciated for its beauty and its scent, it has been celebrated since Antiquity by many poets and writers as well as by painters, for its perfume and for its colors which range from pure white to dark purple, passing through yellow and all intermediate shades. It is present in almost all gardens and in many bouquets. She has become the “queen of flowers” in the Western world – the peony competing with her for this title in China… The rose is one of the most cultivated plants in the world and it occupies the first place in the flower market. But we often forget that roses are also wild plants (the best known in Europe is the rosehip) with simple flowers with five petals, which have become fashionable, for their more natural appearance, for a few decades under the name of “Botanical roses”. (Source Wikipedia)