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The Glandasse is situated in the south extremity of the massif of Vercors. His aspect is the one of a vast tray dented with an average height of 1 850 meters, in the continuity of that of Vercors. The peak is the Dome or Pié Ferré with 2 040 meters. It is the third of the department of the Drôme, just after the Round Rock (2 456 m) and the Jocou (2 051 m). He overhangs the valley of the Drôme and the Diois. The attraction of its landscapes, its fauna and its flora attract a crowd of walkers who come to discover his hidden beauties. Completely understood in the Nature reserve of the High plateaus of Vercors, the Glandasse is a paradise for the most varied wild mammals such ibexes, chamoises, marmots and other rodents. He under wood are populated with a multitude of passerine. Some grouse lyres can be seen, as well as bearded lammergeyers or jackdaw.