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Here were two not who allow the access to the tray the South of Morning mounts. It is the first foothills of the Massif of Vercors, side the West.
- The step of Saint Vincent calls back the village of Saint-Vincent-la-Commanderie which is situated between Barbières and Peyrus. The arrival to the Step (on 1112 m) allows to discover the Rocks of Drayette.
- The Step of Touet winds between the Rocks of Treillaras and Rancs du Touet. Over the village of Peyrus, we reach the Step of Touet (on 1051 m) by the Way of the Monks. The monks Cistercians used from the XIIth century (since 1137) this way to connect the plain of Valence, the valley of Isère in the Abbey of Léoncel.