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In hike, the pleasure to walk does not have to lead to forget you the diverse dangers which you go to meet and not to get lost, you will find various markings in the form of descriptive panels, of paints or of cairns.
Attention the mountain can be dangerous with its caves, its scialets…

  The hiker code

»   Choose the path suited to your physical condition,
»   Check the weather before you go,
»   Take someone your route,
»   Do not go alone,
»   Carry sufficient quantities of water,
»   Preserving nature, do not leave the marked paths,
»   Do not forget to bring your waste, nature is fragile,
»   Take good shoes to avoid unpleasant surprises,
»   Choose the backpack according to the type and duration of the hike,
»   Provide sunglasses, even in cloudy weather,
»   By all times, do not forget to bring warm clothing, a windbreaker, as well as for the rain,
»   The diet is very important, think of dried fruits, cereal bars, chocolate, ...

The Departments are rich in routes of hike.
The cairn is an artificial stony heap.
The scialet is a local term indicating abysses in the massifs